Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pre-surgery Update 2:45 pm CDT

Jayde just went into surgery.  It is about 2:45 pm CDT.  We sat around most of the day waiting for various things.  The die/marker injection for the lymph node biopsy was very painful, even with the Lidocaine cream.  We spoke briefly with Dr. Whitworth before they took her in.  Not much new information; just a review of what was planned.  She was a little nervous and had a headache.  They gave her some some Valium and Fentanyl.  That seemed to take care of everything.  She is doing pretty good so far.  Here is a picture of her right before they took her to the O.R.  I will update more later once I know more.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that while at work today, I stopped and prayed for you Jayde, the doctors and your family at about the time you were going into surgery. For us believers it makes it easier knowing God is in control. How comforting! Love, Aunt Carol (Randy's wife)