Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post-op picture

Here is a picture of Jayde's wraps and drains.  As you can see she is pretty swollen.  She's been complaining about pain in her right heel.  She woke up with a blister and we are not sure how that happened during surgery.

The black near her shoulder is one of the sutures.  She has 3 on each side.  The lanyard around her neck is for her drains.  Pray she is able to do her exercises well.  She is having a hard time since it is so painful.


  1. It's because once you have new boobs and are cancer-free, you automatically want to strut around in high heels. It's foreshadowing.

    1. You are funny! It would be a miracle if I wanted to start wearing heels. lol! Thank you for the laugh Christine.